Who Is Alexandra Murrietta?

Alexandra Murrietta
Alexandra Murrietta

Alexandra Murrietta, a former 2x Team Ukraine National Karate Champion and rising star in Hollywood, has made a name for herself in both the acting and social media worlds. Born and raised in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Alexandra spent her childhood studying Civil and Criminal Law in Ukraine, but also developed a passion for sports, specifically karate and kickboxing.

At 21, Alexandra moved to the United States and discovered her love for acting and modeling. Recently, she landed the lead role in the upcoming film The Memory Scanner and a recurring role on the TV show African Twist. In addition to her acting career, Alexandra has built a strong following on social media, with over 320k followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel, “DalexVlogs,” with over 11k subscribers.

On her social media platforms, Alexandra dedicatedly empowers, inspires, and motivates everyday women who work tirelessly in their daily lives to balance many demanding roles. She shares fashion styles, lifestyle tips, and creative ideas in her videos and posts. As a well-rounded influencer and actress, Alexandra speaks Russian, Ukrainian, and English, and has a Ukrainian accent in English. Her likable personality motivates and inspires her loyal fans to become the best versions of themselves.

When asked about how she balances product placement and sponsorship with content and remaining authentic, Alexandra said, “I believe finding the perfect balance between sponsored posts and regular content is the key for success. Usually, our fans/followers do not like sponsored posts and sponsored posts can get lower engagement compared to the regular posts. I usually collaborate only if I really like the product or brand and if I believe my followers might like it too.” She also emphasized the importance of being open to critique and improving her work and content all the time.

Being both a social media influencer and a SAG actress can be challenging, but Alexandra tries to create content ahead of time and then post it when she’s busy with auditions or working on set. “When I don’t have a lot of auditions, I just focus more on my social media…But when I do, I am 150% dedicated to acting,” she said.

When it comes to creating content for different platforms, Alexandra said that “creating content for YouTube requires way more time.” She has a couple of YouTube channels, “DalexVlogs” with her husband David Murrietta, where they film couple’s videos, daily vlogs, and travel videos. On the other hand, Instagram content is less time-consuming and usually includes lifestyle and fashion photos and shorter videos related to lifestyle or fashion themes.

Regarding her origins, Alexandra still has family in Ukraine and hopes to go back to visit them soon. She hopes to keep growing as a person, social media influencer, creative artist, and inspirational actress, making a difference in the world.

On social media, you can find her at Alexandra Murrietta.

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