Wild Spirit Fragrances

I love me a new scent.  I enjoy switching them up and get bored kind of easily when using the same one over and over again.  I am currently enjoying the Wild Spirit fragrance line which is a completely awesome sustainably sourced and completely vegan product!  They have four fantastic scents that will work with you no matter what your current mood may be.  Driftwood is light and really airy and contains essential oils like mandarin, lemon, spearmint and jasmin.  It’s actually perfect for the office or a night out.  Spring Jasmin is floral and sweet; perfect for a romantic date!  This one smells so yummy and contains essential oils like bergamot, clove, blackcurrant and Sichuan pepper!  Chill has amazing notes of golden apples and vanilla along with essential oils like cinnamon and red seaweed.  It is super light and sweet!  The holidays are coming and First Snow is perfect for those cold days and it is crisp and bold!  It contains essential oils like berry, birch, vanilla and orange.

These run around $28.00 each and are a great gift!  They are also dye-free and made right here in the USA!  Check them out!  These fragrances are available at Walmart stores nationwide and online at Walmart.com

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