If your child has a vivid imagination and a love for new books and reading adventures I may have the perfect summer time must read!  My 7-year-old daughter is truly loving the adventures of Promithea, Valeo, Aliel, and Ene; her new friends that are both zebra and unicorn, expertly pairing the exotic with the mythical.  This recipe makes for a delicious use of imagination and adventure which as a parent is pretty much exactly what we look for in a children’s book.  Valeo is their brave leader.  Promithea is both shy and gentle but she is great at keeping your secrets and listening to her friends!  (A quality I hope my daughter learns and holds dear).  Aliel is super speedy!  Just try keeping up with her active lifestyle!  Finally, Ene is mischievous and loves a good nap.  These friends work together and bring a happy medium to the storyline.  In “Buffy Meets The Zoonicorns”, author Mark Lubratt teaches our little ones a great life lesson as the Zoonicorns help Buffy realize she is perfect just the way she is.  The beautifully illustrated (by Sara Weingartner) hard cover book is available alone for $16.95 as are the 4 plush zoonicorns for $9.95 each.  By visiting zoonicorn.com you can buy the book for $9.95 when you purchase the 4 plush friends.  This is a great gift for the child (4-12) in your life!  Look for the smart phone app (should be available this fall and I cannot wait to check it out!).

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