Back To Beauty Anti Wrinkle Head Cradle

Listen…I am exhausted.  The busy day of work, school, carpools, dinner, planning the next day and more really kicks this girl’s butt.  When this head finally hits the pillow I want one I can cradle into without much trouble.  As a back sleeper, sometimes I struggle with finding a good pillow out there.  The Back To Beauty pillow is totally doing the trick in more ways than one.  First off; this isn’t memory foam like so many others.  This is super soft hypoallergenic down alternative fibers; fluffy yet totally supportive.  Also during the summer months, I always found that foam made me sweat so I am happy to have pushed that experience from my bedside.  You can actually get wrinkles from sleeping on your side; this seems beyond unfair but using my pillow I am actually turning back the hands of time.  Oh; and it also helps with back alignment and acid reflux.  I actually feel more rested in the week now I have been using this pillow.  Sometimes I switch it all up; one side is inverted while the other has actual head and neck rests.  You decide how you use it (I found it easier to start out with the supports).  Also the soft satin pillowcase is simply devine!  This wonderful pillow costs around $63.00; read all about it by visiting

You can find it for purchase on Amazon:

back to beauty pillow


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