Carmex Comfort Care

This house is prepping for our favorite time of year: THE FALL!  We love everything pumpkin, crisp cool air and jumping in leaf piles!  With cool air comes chapped lips and I am happy to already have a great defense for this house with our Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm.  This lip balm is seriously no joke and it is brand new.  They are packed with “colloidal oatmeal” to make the moisture last longer.  I actually love how this lip balm is a little wider than most.  I definitely feel like my lips are getting a more in-depth treatment that hits all the corners.  They have three yummy flavors: mixed berry, sugar-plum and watermelon blast.  I actually will use this quality lip gloss all year round; and I have to say you most times I don’t wear a lipstick shade over it; I like the shine this lip balm provides.  These are just now hitting stores this month and can be found in Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVC, Kroger, Target and some others.  They only will set you back $1.99 so that’s no big deal for a great quality lip balm!  Please visit their website for more information:

carmex comfort care


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