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Two stressful parental moments for me: potty training and bike riding.  Both involved stress, frustration and a few tears.  (Yes; I was the one crying LOL).  With my older child, it was a true test of love and patience.  Thankfully with my younger, we have Strider Bike to help us along.  Company Owner Ryan McFarland has truly come up with an innovative approach to safely learning the two-wheeler process.  The company has made the bicycle lighter in weight, lower to the ground and allows for “both feet on the ground” to build confidence and the feeling of being safe.  His own son was the inspiration; now toddlers as young as 18 months of age can learn to ride balancing, steering and leaning without pesky and cumbersome training wheels.

The Strider bike is like no other.  It is ultra light weight (we were amazed!), total free of chains and pedals and its the greatest stepping stone in the road to pedaling a bike on their own.  Stress went down to zero, confidence went up to 100 and everyone was happy.  Fairly soon, my youngest was ready for the big leagues.  While we tried out the “strider 12” which is great for children 12 months – 5 years there are other options as well.  Strider 12 is a great starter bike and comes in an array of 7 colors.  You can choose between classic, sport, custom or pro and the prices range from $89.99-$169.99.  5 minutes of assembly on and you are on your way.  The “strider 16” is great for children 6 and up.  This is wonderful for slightly older children learning to ride as well as special needs children.  Available in 5 colors and really quite remarkable and priced around $249.99.   Finally “Strider 20” is the answer for teens and adults.  The bike is still super light weight and adjusts accordingly.  $289.99 and you have everything you need to get out there.  My husband and I couldn’t believe how well made the Strider is.  Also noteworthy to mention is their work in regional races, adventure zone and even the championship series.  What a truly wonderful way to get the whole family happily involved on this first day of summer agenda.  This company is majorly awesome as the give back to the community on many levels and bring you only well adjusted happy children.   Be sure to register your warranty as Strider gives back on behalf of each person who does!  We are a happy and safe family!

Please visit for more information or to purchase products.  My child learns to ride a bike with confidence, feels good about herself, and at the end of the day I have contributed to a Company that is giving back!  I have done my job here!


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