Best Sleep Products for a Great Night’s

Being a mom can be rather exhausting. Not only do I have to run my own life but I seem to have to run everyone else’s lives in the household. So, sleep is certainly something that is a bit of a challenge. A good night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. It allows our bodies to rest and repair, and our minds to recharge and prepare for the next day. To help ensure a good night’s sleep, there are a few products that can be helpful.

First, a comfortable mattress is key. It should be supportive, yet soft enough to conform to the shape of your body. Memory foam mattresses are popular for their ability to mold to the body and provide pressure relief.

Next, a good pillow is essential. It should be supportive and comfortable and should be able to maintain its shape throughout the night. Memory foam or down pillows are popular options.

A comfortable bedding set can also help create a conducive sleep environment. Soft, breathable sheets made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo are good choices. A plush comforter or duvet can also add an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

Finally, avoiding screens and bright lights before bedtime can also help improve sleep. Dimming the lights and using red or orange light bulbs can help signal to the body that it’s time to sleep. But below we made a list of some of the latest products to help you sleep.


soli pillow

Soli Pillow

The Soli Pillow is perfect for those who struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep at night. The built-in soft speakers allow you to listen to soothing sounds or your favorite audio, helping to block out external noises that may be keeping you awake. The memory foam design provides ideal head and neck support, ensuring that you are comfortable in any position. The embedded silicone headphones are gentle on the head and deliver high-quality sound. The 10-hour battery life allows for uninterrupted sleep, and the included charging cable makes it easy to recharge.

Overall, the Soli Pillow is an innovative and effective solution for those looking to improve their sleep.


sheets giggles

Sheets and Giggles

Sheets and Giggles‘ Eucalyptus Sheets are a great option for eco-conscious consumers looking for a better night’s sleep. Made with highly sustainable Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric, these sheets are softer than silk and regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable all night. The production process is closed-loop, recovering and reusing 99.6% of water and solvents, and the sheets use 96% less water and 30% less energy than conventionally-grown cotton sheets. Plus, they are 100% plant-based and biodegradable. The company is also dedicated to giving back, with regular donations to COVID relief efforts and homeless services providers.




Deeps are patches that are scientifically developed to help you sleep. The Deep Sleep Purge has ingredients that normally will help you sleep faster and help you sleep better. The premise is a combination of CBD, melatonin, valerian root, and well, an entire list of stuff. But ultimately, did it help me sleep better? I can tell you that this was a nice emergency lever to pull when it wasn’t working. This knocked me out in seconds.


sleep with coop

Co-op HomeGoods

Co-op HomeGoods has one of the more creative pillows I’ve seen, with the addition of extra material to give it a little bit more Oomph. Yes, that’s what they say. They want to give it a little more Oomph. Their entire premise is everything should be adjustable to people’s individual needs. So they include high-quality material to add to each pillow. It is a rather comfortable and nice-looking pillow but I especially appreciate the quality of the ingredients.


sweave bamboo 1


Sweave bedding makes bamboo sheets with the goal to be as comfortable as possible. Having good sheets makes a world of difference because you really want to be able to breathe in your bedding. I can say that nothing breathes as well as bamboo sheets. They test all of the sheets and they plant a tree for every purchase you make.