I have some picky snacker’s on my hands here; one kid who literally likes two things and the other with gluten dietary issues.  Sometimes shopping can be a real challenge and while I pursue normal everyday items like chips/pretzels/noshes; most of the time I come home empty-handed.  Enter Popcorners and I am in super good snacking hands!  Ok: so these are ” always gluten-free”, are peanut and tree nut free (you can send them to school with your child!), dairy free, vegan, contain literally nothing artificial and are just NOT fried like other products.  At the beach this week, we did an ultimate family taste test of some of the varieties! First off, these are light and really airy while being crispy and crunchy!  There really is something for everyone: Salt Of The Earth is a yummy/salty plainer chip, for the cheese lover (ME!) I adored their Cheddar Feel-Good, if you love heat in your chip please check out Smokin Jalapeno White Cheddar, for sweet/savory Sweet Chili and the family favorite (and more of a dessert chip) is their Carnival Kettle.  Each bag did NOT disappoint.  I felt like I was serving a much healthier chip and to be honest I couldn’t eat “just one” or “just 20” of any of them!  Make sure you scoop these up now for the beach or purchase them to get ready for new back to school options.  For more information please visit: http://ourlittlerebellion.com. 


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