Guys it is hot out there.  Like crazy hot.  Makes me really just want to sit on the couch in the air conditioning but we have to get out there and exercise and be healthy.  The hubby and myself spent the weekend trying out great Enduracool products from Mission and we are so happy (and cool)!  Ok so these products are like magic; they cool your body instantly when wet.  All you have to do is soak the towel in water, wring out the extra, and snap the towel to “activate” the awesome technology.  We tried both the techknit and the “microfiber” and they both cooled us down in seconds and I simply cannot believe how extraordinary these towels are without use of any additives or chemicals at all.  The towels are between $15-$18 and totally worth it!  Next up we put the reflective multi-cool neck wrap which is super light and comfortable (same process: wet, wring, snap) and I was instantly cooled down on my bike ride.  Also the great reflective colors keep you safe at night (since we all have no time to jog during the busy work day anyhow).  My daughter is loving the reflective headband ($15); she wears it at camp and I never worry she will overheat during the outdoor games they play in this 90 degree heat.  Oh and already packed for our next summer trip (who doesn’t love a theme park in the summer? LOL) we have Mission’s cooling hat ($22) which will surely make waiting on all these lines in dead heat just a little more tolerable.  So many great styles, colors and patterns on all their products.  Please check them out!! http://www.missionathletecare.com/.

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