How about early shopping for a great “end of year report card” goody for your little one? I have a great stuffed friend my kids are loving: FlipAZoo!  This is basically the stuffed animal enthusiasts dream come true; two animal friends in one!  I received an absolutely adorable “Cat and Mouse” combo which is super easy to flip back and forth.  So many cute and colorful options (unicorn to dragon, husky to polar bear, elephant to tiger and more!  These are great for boys and girls; actually my daughter loves snugging with it during down-time.  It is actually the perfect size for lounging about.  I actually am thrilled to say that she will be bringing it with us on our next road trip as a toy/pillow combo!  Also available are mini and jumbo sizes!  Honestly this adorable buddy is only $19.99 and you simply need to scoop one up! http://www.flipazoo.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Brand%20Flip%20A%20Zoo&utm_term=flipazoo&utm_content=FlipAZoo


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