Still looking for a great idea to spend your holiday gift cards?!  I found something right here in GlobeIn.  This company is simply amazing – imagine being able to purchase beautiful and original artisan craft items from around the globe all in one easy to navigate website.  Well here it is; GlobeIn.  They work with over 90 partner organizations (each organization carries about 2-4 artisan groups).  The end result being around 10,000 artisans at your fingertips!  I personally read through their beautifully presented 2018 impact report and it was so heartwarming to see the faces behind artwork from Ghana, Morocco, India, Mexico and more!

GlobeIn has a great and super easy subscription box plan where you get to actually pick your monthly theme!  I’ve tried many subscription plans with companies for spa products, snacks etc and I never truly love all the items!  Well – the box I received from GlobeIn was simply amazing.  It was a “cozy box”and contained  beautiful free weave scarf from Thailand, cocoa powder from Ghana, a simply gorgeous ceramic mug from Tunisia, and was all nested in a palm leaf basket from Mexico.  I literally wore the scarf on day one and the mug and basket is working out great in my office.  The cozy box retails for about $60.00 but I swear to you the value is much much more!  You have total control over the subscription; you will preview your box theme and choose to swap or keep it.  When you get your items you will be thrilled and also did you part to help reduce global poverty.
Hurry and check them out – choose 3 month/6 month/12 month subscriptions and the cost gets better the more goodies you subscribe to get!

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