Monster and Zombie Poppers by Hog Wild

In a few short weeks my children will be in their glory in a sea of Halloween candy.  This means late night, this momma will be tempted to binge eat it.  I am super excited to give my kids these really cool monster and zombie poppers from the good people at Hog Wild as a refreshing break from the sugar!  Both “Dead Zed” (balls are “brains” that pop from the top of Zed’s head) and “Creepy Kim” (balls are gross eyeballs!) are really colorful zombie toys that come with 6 foam balls.  Simply squeeze the zombie and the ball goes flying.  My kids will have so much fun in an all out zombie war in the yard I just know it.  These are really well made and the impact is soft and sweet so no one gets hurt.  Hog Wild has so many other popper options and styles.  “Moody”, “Mindstein” and “Opto” are super awesome monster options (Opto’s foam balls are actual eyeballs – my son will just love!)  The hubby and I put the poppers to the test and these balls went flying about 20 feet.  There is a lot of power in this squeezable toy!

Please visit for more information on these and other products or to purchase your family some poppers.  They are perfectly affordable at $10.95.  Grab up a popper and avoid giving your loved one more candy this Halloween!

zombie popper

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