The weather is perfection and I am keeping the kids outside as long as I can!

Literally my favorite temperature on earth is in the 70 degree range!  It had been a rather mild summer and so far the fall is my bestie!  What a wonderful way to end the week but with a pumpkin latte and the kids playing games together on the lawn.  I have a couple of great suggestions for you if you wanna do the same (think holiday shopping people!) The company we have been checking out is funsparks and they have all kinds of different toys and gifts; some so different from items you have seen elsewhere!

Easy Discso this disk is made of super soft material and is actually appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.  My kids had a great game of catch and boy can this thing fly! It folds up so super easy to store for the next time.  I want to mention that if it hits the side of your car: NO DAMAGE!  If it lands near a picture frame: NO DAMAGE.  It’s like this disk speaks my language or something.

Jazzminton:  who doesn’t love a safe and soft game of back and forth paddle action!  The birdie is super soft and so light that it flys like magic.  My kids really enjoyed seeing how long they could keep the game airborne!  Oh; and they sell birdies with LED lighting so that you can continue to play at night!

LED Balloons: these might be the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life!  We blew up a few of these balloons and they light up and really got the kids excited.  They blink and last for 24 hours; these are a great addition to any party!  They seem really durable and tended not to pop very easily.

RingStix: this game is a great option for groups or perfect for the beach!  You catch rings with your stick and kind of go back and forth in a super fun game of catch!  The rings float really well through the year regardless of wind.  This one we got the whole family involved with and quite honestly will be a staple in the trunk next summer.

Wireless Speaker: I know we all have speakers these days but this one is especially noteworthy to discuss.  It has a soft, silicone strap that you can connect to your exercise machines, bicycles or even the strap of your beach tote!  It weighs almost nothing and is about the size of a dollar bill.  It works with any smart phone, AUX or SD card.  I have tried it plugged into the wall with the USB as well as connected to my laptop and the sound quality is awesome.

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