The Grumpy Octopus – Perfect Holiday Gifts

image of the grumpy octopus and the grumpy sharkThe Grumpy Octopus and his friends are angry, angry at the general state of the world, and grumpy that they have to be here. These stuffed animals look so adorable with their glittery eyes and grumpy frowns! A baby dinosaur, sloth, shark, and octopus are waiting to judge someone! Gift them to whoever needs a watchful eye on them. These extremely huggable stuffed animals are made of the softest materials and just the right size for a good hug.

The Grumpy Octopus has a line of Grumpy Toys including t-shirts, squeeze toys, slippers, and books featuring these adorable grumpy characters. Make sure to add these unique gifts under the Christmas tree this year! Children and adults alike will be delighted to get them.

The mission of The Grumpy Octopus is to bring happiness and fun to folks who are having a bad day. But they also have a much larger mission! To bring attention to and to help protect our oceans and marine ecosystems. Therefore, 1% of your purchase will automatically go to WildAid Marine Program.

The stuffed animals are $20-30 each on the official website of The Grumpy Octopus. Orders ship worldwide with a tracking link.

Is it just me, or are their sparkly eyes just the most adorable?