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I have some super great brain games for you to buy your kiddies for the holidays!  These will have their brains fully working all while laughing and even you will adore playing along!  This past weekend my crew and I tested out a few and my kids “the experts” had this to say:

Clue Master: This is basically Sudoku for kids!  “Tippy” the dog has lost all his treasures and we have to find them!  To unlock the door to his doghouse we have to put all the lost items back in place.  Simply select a challenge and put the treasures back by following the symbolic clues.  Even I was feeling challenged and this is great for kiddies 8+.

Balance Beans: By far, this was my daughter’s favorite.  Here, we use logic, math, and reasoning to keep the beans balanced on the see-saw so they do not teeter.  My kids followed the challenge card (knew which beans they could move and which they couldn’t) and used “trial and error” until they were complete.  A great game for kids 5+.

Yoga Spinner: We may actually play this game every night as we all can use some balance, tranquility and quite honestly: zen.  Spin the wheel, attempt the yoga pose and if you can hold it for 10 seconds, the player keeps the card.  First player to collect a card of each color is the winner.  The game is suitable for 5+ and we really enjoyed spending a little time flexing and concentrating.

This company has me for life: I love a challenge that has us laughing and playing together as a family!  Can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

balance-beans yoga-spinner clue-master



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