Top 3 Turtle Beach Gaming Accessories

My son is a master gamer; can’t even get him off his “battles” sometimes.  I love the quality products from Turtle Beach that enhance his game experience.  Each item we try is literally better than the next one.  I am going to help you out with your holiday shopping and literally list 3 items that my son cannot live without!

The Ear Force PX24 is the gaming headset you MUST HAVE according to my son.  He says they have this “SuperAMP” that brings amazing quality listening and sound features.  You actually feel like you, yourself are walking around in the game.  These allow for really clear game chat; check them out priced around $80.

We also tried out their Stream Mic.  Now this one I was totally into.  This is a table top microphone perfect for game streaming.  Really easy USB connection set up; we were ready to go in  minutes.  Plug in your headphones to hear game chat and customize the mic to record any kind of cool podcast, interview and audio feed your please!  This piece will run you around $100.

The Stealth 350VR Headset brings super clear sound and the detail will amaze you.  It is like I am in the darn helicopter with the troops in his favorite battle game.  We are kind of snobby in my house and demand comfort at all times (LOL) and I have to say that these headsets truly did not bother me while wearing them.  Also they have amazing charge time of around 30 hours.  Priced perfectly at around $80.00

Please visit their website: there are so many other items as well!  These three are just some of our faves!

Cannot wait to see what they come up with next!










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